Year of Travel?

Young hiker checking his map in front of Yosemite lake

My husband is working in the travel industry. So most of the business cards that I find in his business card folders are travel business cards. Therefore, I am totally going to make full use of them when I plan a trip someday (hopefully this year in celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary).

Since we get staff discounts on flight tickets, doesn’t mean we can just go anywhere we want! It does help save a lot, though, no doubt. However we still need to go to places where we can afford accommodation, a place which is family friendly and also a place where it’s easy to get Halal food. I can’t just possibly go off to Monaco and sleep on the streets of the French Riviera now can I?

But I think the first place I would love to go is the exotic Morocco!!

Oh my!! If only I can go there this year and visit the souk in Marrakech and enjoy the exotic smells and food, woww.. that will just be amazing!! So let’s cross our fingers, shall we?

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