Time for Guitar Lessons

It’s the school holidays and that means it’s time for me to fill my children’s times with fun filled activities. The first 2 weeks of the holidays have been spent watching cartoons, watching DVDs, playing games and going to the beach. However, I think it’s time for them to spend more time honing their creative talent.

My children are more creatively inclined than they are academically. They’re most interested in arts and crafts and music, acting and dancing and all that jazz. So since my brother is the guitar player with plenty of spare acoustic guitars, it’s high time they continue their guitar lessons.

My brother taught me how to play guitar when I was a teen, but unfortunately, I didn’t really get the hang of it too well. I’d rather just play Guitar Hero because I don’t need an acoustic guitar tuner keys at musicians friend. But after 3 kids, even MY Guitar Hero days are over!

This was almost 5 years ago. Man, how time flies!

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