Thoughts on Re-gifting


It’s 5 days to go to Christmas and by the look of the traffic jam in town these days, people have NOT finished their Christmas shopping just yet. I wonder if there are people out there that are just re-gifting this Christmas.

To be honest, I have never re-gifted anything in my life before.. but if I were forced to re-gift something (for some reason), I think I’ll probably give away some of my husband’s black and milds cigars. He collects cigars, and they are in absolutely great condition, and kept in their package so perhaps that’s the thing I’d re-gift. We’ve never re-gifted them, but during a birth of a baby, my husband will whip one or two out to pass to the father of the newborn. That’s just how he is.

I guess, I frown upon re-gifting because it just shows how much someone doesn’t appreciate the gift given and picked out for them. I can’t remember one time when I received a gift so bad that I wanted to re-gift it to someone.

HOWEVER, when you do ponder about it, perhaps it is good to re-gift something when you think it would be a better use for someone else instead of hoarding it for sentimental reasons, right? Re-gifting is just something that not everyone can pull off. I know I couldn’t. I’d probably feel so guilty about it that I’ll probably say something to the receiver and make myself and the receiver feel bad. I’m THAT clueless.

If you are on of those people who can get this art of re-gifting down pat, then, more power to you! I heard Kim Kardashian is a BIG re-gifter. I wonder if she will re-gift some of the crazy expensive weddings gifts that she received to her fans.. Hah! Yeah. Right.

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