The Unproductive Employee

Somewhere in the office where I’m doing my work, someone is not doing his part in being productive for the company. Instead he is checking out YouTube and checking out X-Factor USA (or is it American Idol?) auditions. Seriously, dude? But then again, I’m just jealous because I’m still trying to finish up my work.. on an empty stomach, at that.

This guy is really taking TGIF to a different level. If the boss comes out, I wanna see how fast this guy can exit the browser without being caught. Or maybe he’s used to doing it with porn sites. LOL! I know. I’m hungry. I’m cranky. What do you expect? Hahaha I’m just being mean. But if I were really mean, the moment he leaves the office, I will sneak in to his cubicle and fix it with Bugera Amplifiers at musicians friend so the whole office including the boss can easily pinpoint the unproductive employee.. HEEEEE!! 🙂

I kid. I kid. Happy Friday!! 🙂

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