The Five Elements

The weather has not been too kind lately. It’s been raining all the time. Year end, I suppose. That’s just how it is, here in Malaysia. However, instead of feeling chilly and cool all the time, I feel HOT. I feel HOTTER than a Pussycat Doll tanning in the Gobi Desert. Like SERIOUSLY!

Perhaps I need some Feng Shui Master to help me add more cooling elements. The five elements are earth, fire, wood, metal and water.

I think my earthy elements are getting the best of me. Too much earth and fire and wood )or something like that) around me. I think I need more water elements around me. Maybe I should get one of those tabletop water fountains to balance my energy and aura.

I’m not really into this Feng Shui reading but I was just watching America’s Next Top Model and when they were in Macau, the Feng Shui Master made some interesting points that made me feel all… feng shui-ish — if that even makes sense.

Are you into Feng Shui readings??

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