Room In Progress

As most of you know, recently I moved house and am settling in wonderfully. However, there is still one task that I have been putting off. There’s still one room in the house that is still not utilized. It’s an empty room downstairs that is currently used as a place where I iron my clothes. I initially planned to make it my office/study room but now I’m not so sure.

But one thing’s for sure is, I really need to get the curtains up in that room. I don’t want no peeping tom watching me iron my clothes. Just the thought of it gives me the heebie jeebies. So my best girl friend is planning to bring me home shopping at IKEA and SSF to help me get inspired in decorating that room. Should I go for some drapery fabric for the curtains or simply go for blinds? I saw some really awesome blinds at a home showcase the other day that I really love.

Anyways, what do you think? Office/study room or guest room? Perhaps, if there’s enough space, I should make it my office with a sofa day bed in there. Yay? Nay?

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