How To Paint Nails Like A Pro

I have had to give up a lot of dreams due to my shaky hands. Well, not really a lot. I just gave up my dream of becoming a surgeon when I was younger. But really, when I was young, I was the last choice in my family to take a family picture because my shaky hands will always end up blurring up the family photo. So in the end, they’d rather a stranger take their photo than letting me do it. LOL!

Anyways, due to my shaky hands, I’ve never learnt the art of just a simple thing as putting on nail polish. It will always end up sloppy. Well, as seeing as I’m a Muslim and we aren’t allowed to have nail polish on when we pray, I just gave up painting my nails altogether.

But when I get my menses (and not able to pray), for that one week, I do envy girls who have awesome nail designs.

So I found this tutorial vid on Beautylish, a site on everything beauty! I don’t know if this will work, because honestly, I think my sister does a better job than this video, but I don’t know. Maybe I’ll try her style anyway. Check it out and let me know? Is this the right way?

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