Hot ‘n’ Cold Electric Blanket

Yesterday, I was having a twitter conversation with my blogging buddies, Ane and Bill about them wanting to get out of the cold weather where they’re living in, while I, on the other hand, am dying to escape from the heat.

That got me thinking last night as I threw my comforter (as far as possible away from me), if they can make an electric blanket, then they should make one that can be switched on from hot to cold so that it would be useful all year round, right?

Well, obviously, someone was already ahead of me in that idea department, because there IS actually an electric pad by LLC that does just that!

The heating of the sleeping pad can go between 21 – 35.5 degrees Celsius while the cooling down will be able to get all the way done to 0.5 degrees Celcius! Plus, it helps slash air conditioning bills in the summer as well as heating bills in the winter.

It might not be able to cool or heat an entire room, but it does provide for individual comfort all through the night, throughout the year! Retails at $200!

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