De-Clutter and Organize

You know how before the New Year comes around people start cleaning their house and organizing their stuff so they can usher the New Year without much clutter and have the “energy flowing” (feng shui talk) better around the house?

Yeah, well my mom does that every year end. But she’s not exactly done right now. She has tackled the kitchen and her room and she made my sister clean up her room as well (which is a feat, I tell you! She deserves a medal!) So what’s left is the living room area and the store. I don’t even want to see how she will attempt to clean the store. Probably we’ll have to organize a garage sale when we’re done with that.

But as for the living room area, what we really need is one of those standsandmounts dvd cabinets because the DVDs are just lying around everywhere. Or maybe if we’re lucky this year, maybe mom will consider turning my late dad’s old office to a theater room. Man.. I’ve always wanted one of those! 🙂

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