Candies for 50s-Themed Party

I do not particularly have a sweet tooth. I don’t mind having desserts now and then, and on certain days, I do have a hankering for chocolates. But I’m not the type that MUST have it or I’ll die. As far as candies go, I don’t have a lot of favourites. I used to like Skittles when I was a kid. Snickers more than Mars bars. Resse’s Peanut Butter Cups are a fave but I realize now that it’s super sweet and it gives me a headache. My absolute favorites though, are Lifesavers and Tootsie Rolls. That, I will and can have any time.

Recently, I saw some candy from the 50s available online and thought this would surely be an awesome addition for those planning a party with a 50s theme. Some rock and roll by the King of Elvis. Circle skirts with cute cardigans. Guys in skinny ties and slicked back hair? Milkshakes and sundaes. McDonalds burgers (The first McDonald’s opened in the 1950s in Illinois, don’t you know?). Happy Days marathon. You’ve got yourself one helluva

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