Baby Shower Gifts

In these times where times are hard, business is slow, the one business that I can think of that people will always have a need for, are baby products! Last year, I can’t begin to tell how many friends of mine gave birth. Seeing their baby pictures flooding my Facebook wall. For a minute there, I thought all my friends turned Curious Case of Benjamin Button on me.

That also means, not only are parents buying stuff, but people like me are also going broke buying baby shower presents for my friends. I remember a friend of mine requesting a Maxi Cosi Mico infant seat for her baby shower. After having two pretty much grown up children, I’ve gotten a lot of their baby stuff, that I wish I could just re-gift. Some items are hardly used! Would that be too unethical even if it’s still in good condition? I’ve never re-gifted anything in my life. My guilty conscience is just too loud.

If I were to register for a baby shower though, I’ll ask for an Anne Geddes inspired baby photography session.

At least it’s something I get to keep for a lifetime and not something my baby could grow out of like booties, onesies, infant seats, etc. Right?

So tell me. What is the most ridiculous item have you ever seen on a baby shower register list?

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