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Posted by Shemah Sham | 3/14/2013 03:11:00 AM in ,|

I love listening to classical music.. classical piano, specifically.

There's just something beautiful about the movement of the black and ivory keys and the harmonious sounds that just comes through it. I've always wanted to play the piano but never had the chance to take piano lessons as a child. So as an adult, I definitely still want to make that part of my dream come true. In fact, I had even purchased a touch sensitive keyboard for my children and I to learn on once we start our lessons. It may not be the best Yamaha P155 digital piano, but at least, it's something we can still use.

I honestly do think that if your kids are creatively inclined, music lessons are an amazing way to hone their creativity. Another way is probably bringing them over to Berjaya Times Square to go crazy at the Grand Musical Staircase.

Grand Musical Staircase @ Berjaya Times Square (Photo credits: FoongPC)

It's a fun attraction that allows you to create music my stepping all over the "keys" and the LED lights will light up accordingly. You want to know more about that, read on to my buddy Foong's blog. He wrote a post (with brilliant pictures) about it all. :)

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